The For Most Aspiring Students At The United States Essay

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For most aspiring students in the United states, a bachelor’s degree has been considered as a rite of passage to a financially and intellectually successful future. However, the unsettling reality in today’s age is that unemployment, debt, and part-time jobs seem to be a more likely future for those students. In 2010, college graduates, who had thrown their square hats with the expectations of a new liberated life, were instead met with student loans averaging up to 25,250 dollars– the highest amount to date. As claimed by the College Board in their report “Trends in College Pricing,” the cost of attending a university today is currently three- to fourfold of what it was in 1995. In just the last year, the United States’ aggregate student loans eclipsed credit card debt for the first time ever, and to make matters worse, it is anticipated to increase even further to approximately one trillion dollars this year. Despite the fact that college-educated students have a greater chance of landing a successful job than those who forego secondary school, the already numerous years required to pay off the money allocated for college is still extending, provoking people to question the merits of college education.

As a result of these letdowns by the economy and the rising unemployment rates, the public opinion towards secondary school has begun to diverge into opposite directions as bachelor’s degrees, which were thought to be safeguards against joblessness, no longer guarantee…

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