The Food And Diet Industry Essay example

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(Question 1A) In document #1, the food and diet industry claim that the people can control their own weight using different methods. The food and diet industry’s first method was that you can control your weight through moderation and exercise. “The key to weight loss is moderation, and of course that if we all just exercised more, all of us would lose weight.” Another suggestion claimed by the food and diet industry is that we could drink diet sodas. “Consuming diet drinks would seem like a good idea.” These are the two common claims by the food and diet industry.
While the claims by the food and diet industry might seem completely logical and believable, these methods would not work if put into play. The article states, “ You have to walk 4.5 miles to burn off one 20-ounce soda, which contains 15 teaspoons of sugar” and “New research shows that industrial food full of processed sugars, fats, salt and chemicals is powerfully addictive.” The author of document #1 debunks these methods by explaining the amount of exercise needed to burn off the calories consumed and how addictive sugar can actually be. This concludes that it is very difficult to exercise off the excess calories and how hard it can be to avoid and/or moderate the consumption of these products.
(Question 2) Document #1’s claims are arguably more convincing when compared with the food and diet industry’s claims. Though the food and diet industry poses a great opponent, document #1 takes the win…

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