The Food And Beverages Industry Essay

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In the entire world, food stands as a significant reason behind the considerable number of diseases. Bangladesh is not all an exception in this case being the third world developing country in South Asia. For the last couple of decades the most serious threat to public health in Bangladesh is the consumption of unsafe food. In an ethical manner doing business in today’s world is very rare. The food and beverages industry entirely corporations are involved in handling uncooked food stuff ingredients, wrapping, and distributing them. This contains garden-fresh, ready foods as well as packaged foods, and intoxicating and nonalcoholic beverages.
Present Situation of Food Industry in Bangladesh is not in a decent situation. People are not maintaining the ethical matters that a firm should keep to produce foods and beverages. They are mostly using the child labor in hotel and restaurants which is perfectly prohibited. As a lack of skills and experiences they are engaging in unethical tasks in the process. Even they are not using the appropriate ingredients which are essentially used in foods. They are using artificial colors and stumpy quality raw materials.
Juice manufacturers are using untruthful promotion to indorse their products, cake industries using rotten eggs which are mostly create colon cancer, fuchka and chotpoty paste is made by wall painting. Diabetic crackers are made from ammonium nitrate instead of ammonium bicarbonate.
Even some companies are not upholding the…

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