The Food And Beverage Industry View Children Essay

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III. Introduction To The Topic 1. Facts-Reports The food and beverage industry view children as a significant market force, spending just over $4.8 billion dollars in marketing efforts directed towards children (Orciari, 2013). In the U.S., children under the age of 14 have around $40 billion in annual spending power (McNeal, 2006). In addition to being independent consumers, children can also act as influencers on their parent’s purchasing behavior, in which they are estimated to influence around $200 billion of spending annually (Strasburger, 2001). Marketers establish relationships by creating positive associations with their brand through marketing by the use of advertisements, product placement, online websites and games, and the use of colors and characters to develop brand loyalty among children. Due to the rise of technology over the recent decades, marketers can to reach children through a variety of platforms. A report from the Federal Trade Commission reports that in 2009, U.S. companies spent more than $1.79 billion to promote food directly to children and teens (Shwartz, Kunkel, & DeLucia, 2013), compared to the $100 million spent in 1983 (Schor, 2004). Today, children view around 12.8 ads daily on television alone, which makes them one of the most valuable segments to market to (Shwartz, Kunkel, & DeLucia, 2013). In our paper, we will delve into different frameworks and conceptual models to explore the various ways that food companies market their products…

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