The Flag Of The American Flag Essay

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Flag Desecration
Since 1777 the American flag with its stars and stripes has represented the colonies and states, and even more importantly has represented the sacrifice made to create the freedom that is given to us American citizens in the United States today. The flag is incredibly symbolic to our country, and should be treated with all the respect it deserves. However, mistreating the flag is technically protected by the First Amendment, so it must be outlawed to ensure freedom in America. Destroying the flag is similar to committing treason. Moreover, people have risked their lives to protect the freedom that is represented by the American flag.
Freedom is the right to act within the guidelines of the law however, whenever, and doing whatever you wish to do, without anyone telling you, “you cannot do that.” Within guidelines of the law is key. We have laws today to make sure everyone is safe at all times. Laws are a part of our freedom as Americans, but some laws are made to do the opposite of what they need to do. Burning the American flag or flag desecration is protected by the first amendment. By allowing people to burn or desecrate the American flag this section of the first amendment allows people to burn hundreds of years of sacrifice, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that are embedded into the soil of this country. From Wars that were fought many years ago, to work that is being put in today to keep this country alive and running steady. As true Americans, we…

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