A Few Good Men Essay

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I purchased and watched the movie “A Few Good Men” on amazon.com. The main character is Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee. In the movie, he is defending Private Downey and Corporal Dawson. He is assisted by Lieutenant Joanne Galloway and Lieutenant Sam Weinberg. Some other important characters consist of Captain Ross, Colonel Jessep and Lieutenant Kendrick who act as the protagonists in the story. Private Santiago was the private who was murdered in this movie. The five themes from this movie that I will be explaining are plea bargaining, the prosecution, the defense, witnesses, and the bailiff. The first topic is plea bargaining. This is when a deal is made outside of court. This doesn’t include the judge and it ultimately saves time and …show more content…
A witness is any policeman, lay person, or expert who is called to court to help determined the innocence of the accused. In this movie, we basically see every type of witness. We hear from different lay people, which are basic bystanders. These happen to be lower class military men. We hear from high up military men, who almost act as police, even though they aren’t. I say this because when Jessep and Kendrick are called to the stand, the court notes how high ranked and trusted that these men are. This makes them much more believable on the stand, similar to if a policeman were on the stand. This in turn makes it much harder for Kaffee to prove his points when cross examining these witnesses. We get to see an “expert” witness; however, Kaffee doesn’t think this person is much of an expert. He tried to show the experts lack of knowledge and/or his ability to do his job well, but the judge still accepts the expert’s statements as facts, due to his title. The fifth and final topic is the bailiff. A bailiff is a policeman who works for a judge. They could be a country sheriff as well. Bailiffs supervise the defendant, protect the judge, and notify the police of a bench warrant. In the movie, we see the bailiff often during court as he announces “all rise” when the judge walks in the courtroom, and we see him again at the end of the movie when the Colonel is under

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