The Five Senses Of The Kingfisher Bird

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Introduction A majority of people on Earth smell, touch, taste, see, and hear which are known as the five senses. Humans need a various or all of these senses in order for survival. Smell is necessary whenever there might be a fire, for the outcome can be dangerous. The need for touch is important because humans have a physical attachment that satisfies or comforts the brain. People also need eye sight for placement in the vast world, although there is an extant of people who are blind and cannot see. Hearing is a valuable sense because noise can be beautiful or horrible in a situation that is needed for survival. The figure of the kingfisher bird is a unique photo that represents the five senses.
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“Perception is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information so that it makes sense” (King, 2016, pg. 97). The perception of the bird with its connection to water “makes sense.” The kingfisher is living, therefore it needs water to drink and to bathe in. The color coding of the bird’s feathers is in a unique order that makes the perception of the bird real. Although the water splash is powerful, the distraction of the vibrant kingfisher creates an approach that draws the eyes straight to the bird. “Selective attention is the act of focusing on a specific aspect of experience while ignoring others” (King, 2016, pg. 105). This means that either the bird or the water is the focus point. The amazing flow of the bird is distracting against the drops of water that were splashed up by the bird. Next the water reflection and the combination of the spritz of water hides the kingfisher within the background. Each layer the background, the bird, and the water are in a perception of the outdoors. Furthermore, this representation is the overall meaning of organization. The way each element is perceived through the

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