The Role Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

Courage. What is courage? Can your five senses interact with it? No, because courage is an abstract word used in different scenarios in life. To Kill A Mockingbird is an award-winning novel that is used to teach students indirectly lessons that will benefit them in the future. The most important lesson taught by Harper Lee, the author of this novel, is to try your best to become more courageous and to try new things every once in a while. Scout, the protagonist of this book has shown growing traits of courage in many situations. She implies her knowledge of courage through actions and civil sayings as well as learning more valuable lessons in her life.
Atticus teaches his daughter Scout indirectly lessons about courage through his actions.
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He plays the role of a risk-taker many times in the novel. During the first few chapters he uses an indirect way to teach his sister the bad kind of courage when he touches the Radley’s house because of a dare. Courage is good in many scenarios although it is bad too sometimes. Later on in the story Jem and Dill had planned a raid for the Radley’s house trying to peek into the house to see Boo Radley to confirm if the rumours about him were false or not. Though when they were going through the yard, Nathan Radley, the father of Boo Radley, hears their commotion and shoots a bullet in the air in hopes of scaring them. While Jem was running away his pants got stuck on the fence of the Radley’s home and he was forced to leave them there. Though later on he musters up the courage and comes back planning to retrieve his pants just to find them folded across the top of the fence. He had planned to face his fears so this scene does show to Scout that courage can be in different ways. Later on in the story when Atticus was on his way to defend Tom Robinson’s case in court the kids felt as if their father was acting strange. Jem decided on following him seeing that his father was acting strange that day, Scout followed Jem and together they snuck out bravely in order to see what had bothered their father. This is another act of determination and grit. Jem has taught Scout both the good …show more content…
In the beginning of the story, scout delineates the courage she has with-in her by acting as a class representative. She stands up to Miss Caroline when the rest of her class does not mutter a word, she gives an explanation to Walter Cunningham’s refusal to take money from her teacher and so she is scolded by her. Through numerous amounts of scolding by the teacher, scout still stands as the class representative always being brave and explaining situations or people to her teacher. Scout was also brave when she darted out of the tire in the Radley’s lawn after the tire rolled in there by accident; she had heard a laugh from inside the house. She ran hastily, forgetting the tire and returning to Jem and Dill refusing to continue on with the Boo Radley game. She was brave enough to let them continue to believe that she was ‘chicken’ instead of telling them what she had actually heard. Atticus, Scouts father, also teaches Scout indirectly a lesson about gallantness by using Mrs. Debose’s death as an illustration for brave acts. Scout acts courageously around her surroundings and continues to infer from situations taking part around her.

The most critical lesson taught by Harper Lee, is to attempt your best to be more courageous and to attempt new things occasionally. Scout, has demonstrated developing characteristics of braveness much of the time. She infers her

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