Five Dysfunctions Of Team Analysis

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THE FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM This can be defined as the procedures that must be followed in order to create a successful and excellent team. Lencioni (2002). The five dysfunctions of a team are firstly, the absence of trust: When there is a lack of trust in a team, it makes it difficult for members to open up to one another, they refuse to become weak in front of one another. It is when team members hesitate to help or
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Certainty: This is when the teams unite and commit regardless of the certainty of whether the decision they made was right or wrong. It is the stage where the team members have to buy into the decision. Suggestion for lack of commitment: Cascading messaging: This is when the teams have to clarify some issues before putting them into action, they take time after the meeting to review problems. Lencioni (2002). Deadline: This is when the team sets decisions and back it up with dates for the accomplishment of tasks. Contingency and worst case scenario analysis: A team has contingency issues to reduce their fears by helping them. Low –Risk Exposure Therapy: When team ensures they make decision they usually ensure good a outcome. The role of the leader: Since the Leader is human, He is capable of him making wrong decisions, A leader should always set deadlines of tasks to team members. The lack of commitment is connected to …show more content…
Team status: This is a process whereby the team members satisfy themselves by acting favorably towards various departments at the cost of their team. Individual Team: This is a process whereby the team members satisfy their own personal needs in term of status or career prospects at the costs of their team.Lencioni (2002).Suggestions for solving the inattention to results: Results Based Records: Minimizing individualistic behavior, tie the success and failure of team members together, Avoid distraction and improve commitment. Role of a leader: A leader must be selfless, a leader should focus his goal on achievement and success of the

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