The Five Dimensions Of Wellness

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Wellness is determined by the state of how you are doing in each of the five dimensions of health: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and environmental. Our wellness includes all of these models and is the optimal state of being healthy. Health can be defined as the state of being free from injury or illness. In the past centuries, being well was incorrectly understood as having no physical trauma. Even today, many people misunderstand being ‘healthy’ or ‘well’ is exclusive to physical or mental tragedies. People often disregard the other dimensions of health such as social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual-all of which are critical for an individual to have and all of which are connected to one another. I myself am also guilty of summing up wellness into the physical and mental realms. Personally, among these elements, I think I fall in between the borders of healthy and unhealthy. Body mass index, responsiveness, susceptibility to diseases, overall body functionality, and physical fitness are all physiological characteristics of …show more content…
This dimension of health is directly associated with the other dimensions. A strong foundation can take care of your physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs. Because of my religious principles, I do not and will not drink, smoke, or participate in intimate premarital relationships. I live in a very clean town, and my very loving family stresses education very much. They also allow me to have fun with my friends and scold me whenever I sit at home doing nothing all day. I try to surround myself with people that have similar values as me, and I also have a strong friendship circle. I am very fortunate to have such a strong environmental base. Furthermore, I know I am healthy in terms of my environment, and I have the foundation to make the necessary changes to improve

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