The Five Dimensions Of Multicultural Education Essay

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Running Head: Five Dimensions

The Five Dimensions of Multicultural Education

West Texas A&M University

Reading the text and the articles during this first module, I realize I have integrated a few lightweight multicultural dimensions into my classroom, but it is evident I can do even more. My students become more tolerant of mathematics during the year in my classroom, but I would much rather see them experience high academic achievement. While studying the Five Dimensions of Multicultural Education, I began thinking about how I could incorporate each dimension in my classroom. Content Integration: Content Integration should be the simplest dimension to integrate into the classroom, but I am graced with teaching Algebra. Integrating culture and ethnicity into my curriculum on a daily basis is difficult yet vitally important to the success of my students; as it seems each one of my students has no idea how Algebra will be used or relates to their lives at any point (Banks and Banks, 2013, p. 16). Just changing the names of characters in a problem situation is not integrating culture and ethnicity into the curriculum. It is necessary to begin teaching Algebra from where each student’s background knowledge ends and then build upon that knowledge through culturally- and ethnically-relevant problem situations. By utilizing relevant problem situations in my classroom, I will be demonstrating exactly how Algebra is relevant in each student’s life.…

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