The First Year Of The Foundation Degree Essay

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This assignment will reflect on the second year of the Foundation Degree in Education. The assignment includes School B (current setting) and refers back to School A (previous setting). There are formal and informal reflections on the learning journey that inform current professional development. Each module will be reflected on in a personal and professional manner and models of reflection used. Outlined will be my current role and responsibilities which reflect on the children’s development. My strengths and weaknesses will be critically analysed and solutions will be provided to strengthen these weaknesses. The action plan developed last year has been continually updated this academic year and will be evaluated in depth with future steps outlined to develop personal and professional skills.
School A is a large two form entry primary and nursery school located in the eastern suburbs of Manchester. The age range of the children is three years old to eleven years old. Children from this school are from a variety of economic and social backgrounds, many of the children learn English as an additional language alongside the curriculum. The school has an above average amount of children that are Pupil Premium (PP). There is also an average amount of children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND).
Module seven looked at learning and the inclusive curriculum. My reflections on this module covered a number of issues. The first explored Science, Technology, English…

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