The First Stage Of Labor Essay

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1. The first stage of labor is the longest stage and it consists of three substages. Latent or early labor is the first part of the first stage. What begins to happen at this point is a thinning of the cervix and there will be a dilation of up to 3 cm. Other signs during this early labor stage can include heavy discharge and also leaking of amniotic fluid. The bigger sign at this point will be the contractions starting up. They will hurt but you will still be able to walk around.. Contractions will last half a minute approximately and occur anywhere from 3-20 minutes. This will also vary from woman to woman. The early stage time table for new mothers can last up to 20 hours versus a second time mom which can last around 10 hours.
The next part of stage one is called the active stage. The cervix at this time should be dilated 3-9 cm. Contractions will also be more frequent (approx. every 3 minutes) as well as and more intense. This phase can last up to five hours for new mothers versus approximately 2 hours for second time moms.
The last phase in the first stage of labor is the transition or the deceleration phase. The contractions should be about a minute apart at this time. Full dilation of 10 cm. will be reached during this phase. A lot of mothers will feel that they can’t make it through this phase because of the contractions being the most painful. Signs include vomiting (for mothers with no anesthesia), uncontrollable shaking. At this point the baby is passing lower…

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