Essay about The First Earth Day Occurred

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Shortly after World War II, thick clouds of smog hovered above major cities around the United States. American’s were becoming very ill and dying from health related issues from pollution inhalation. Rivers and lakes were littered with garbage and were too contaminated to enjoy. The misuse of pesticides was occurring around the nation, killing everything in its path, literally. Over three million gallons of crude oil spewed into the ocean at a rate of one thousand gallons, an hour, for a month. This was the largest oil spill to date and it caused horrific problems for marine life (Mai-D). People of all ages were becoming enraged, yet no one had proposed an idea to help correct decades of pollution. A conservative senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, presented an idea of national “teach-ins” to occur around University campuses to educate younger generations (“Meet Gaylord Nelson”). The first Earth Day occurred on April 22nd 1970. With national support from citizens concerned about the environmental future, it successfully led to the creation of laws and agencies such as Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and United States Environmental Protection Agency, to protect our planet for generations to come.
With substantial economic growth and years of unregulated industrial waste, our planets environment was declining rapidly. A few environmental casualties drew nation wide attention in the late 1960’s. In November of 1966, nearly two hundred people died in New York City from…

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