The First Choices To Work For Social Service As A Social Work

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What’s next?
If you would’ve asked me a month ago what I wanted to be, I would have said to work for Social Services as a Social Worker. Since Fall 2015 started, I got a Social Work class. Since the first week of school, the professor had said that we were going to have to do volunteer work in the Social Work area. My first choice was to go volunteer at Social Services as a Social Worker; didn’t have luck. As the days went by, the first page of my volunteer packet was due, and I still didn’t find a place to do my 25 hours. Didn’t really have a second choice, but all of a sudden the hospital came to my mind; I actually had luck and got hired in the matter of seconds. As I started working at the hospital with an actual MSW, I realized that I
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In order for me to transfer out from IVC, I need a few steps before I actually do. After I talk to a counselor, she will give me a list of classes that I need before transferring out. In order for me to transfer out, I know I need to take enough English classes, because my career field requires a lot of reading and writing. If I pass the classes I need from IVC right before transferring, then I could start applying for Northern Arizona University. NAU requires you to write an essay on why you want to get into the school. If you don’t have reasonable reasons, there’s a high chance you won’t get into the school. Besides writing an essay, you also have to fill out an application and speak to a counselor for …show more content…
Yet in Arizona, you can start your career job with a bachelor’s due to the different regulations. Since I am willing to get my bachelor’s first, then my master’s, having a bachelor’s in Arizona will get me into a Social Work job quickly. In the Social Work field, the clinical and healthcare areas interest me. A clinical social worker will usually help individuals work toward meeting their goals. It often involves referring the clients to offices and facilities that offer services they may need. For me to keep my job, I would have work hard, be punctual, lead myself, motivate myself, and always be positive about my

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