The First Apology Analysis

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The first apology consists of sixty-eight chapters defending Christian’s right to exist and answer Pagan accusations; described early church worship and how the ordinances were performed. Justin does not set forth any Trinitarians doctrine in the Apologies. But he states, he worshiped the Father as supreme in the Universe. He uses the language of Christian experience and worship rather theological reflection. The Holy Spirit was for Justin the guide of spiritual endeavor, and the source of the spiritual gifts in the Church
Justin was interested in the activity of demons or spirits, which he believed were everywhere active in the Universe. He categorized them as fallen angels who had sinned with women and had given birth to demons. After
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Justin addressed to the Roman Senate, a pled for three Christians condemned to death by the prefect Urbicus, explaining why all Christians do not just commit suicide if they love death so much. They remain alive because they have a mission to save humans by instructing them in divine doctrines, therefore, God delays judgement. Christians do not differ from others in whom the divine Logos dwells, except in the fact they possess the whole truth. By dying, they prove the validity of their faith.
Justin claimed Christian viewed death by stating neither would we be put to death, nor would wicked people and demons be powerful than them, were not death a debt due from every person who was born. Wherefore, we give thanks when we pay this debt. So for Justin Reason directs those who are truly pious and all true philosophers to honor and love what is true, to decline to follow traditional opinions if these be worthless. Justin‘s love for truth dominates his life. He declares he would rather die than deny what is true. His concern is not only too save Christians lives and to protect those who suffer unjustly. Rather he strives the truth should be made

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