Essay on The First Amendment Of The United State Constitution

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The First Amendment of the United State Constitution says Congress cannot make laws establishing a religion. This means Congress, the government, cannot honor one religion over another religion. If this is an amendment in the United State Constitution why does the state and local government buildings have a religious artifact, the "Ten Commandments" hanging over what are supposed to be religion influence free walls. My clients who are atheist believe the state and local government are valuing the Jodeo-Christian religion over my clients’ atheist religion. Also the state and local government are sending the message that they do not have to follow the Constitution. This is why the "Ten Commandments" must be taking off the government buildings.
The Founders of the United States wanted to keep the Church power in check; they did not want a Church of The United States like those in Europe. The Founders wanted to made so that "Church" and "State ' would not intertwine. To keep the separation of "Church" and "State" the First Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits Congress from making laws that honors a certain religion; this is known as the Establishment Clause. Throughout the years the United States has grown and changed and so has the interpretation of the Establishment Clause. At the founding of the United States most people were theist or they believed in a higher power. In today’s time there are many different religions in the United States and some do not…

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