The Financial System of Bangladesh Essays

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Overview of Financial system of Bangladesh

The financial system of Bangladesh is comprised of three broad fragmented sectors:
1. Formal Sector,
2. Semi-Formal Sector,
3. Informal Sector.
The sectors have been categorized in accordance with their degree of regulation.
The formal sector includes all regulated institutions like Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions (FIs), Insurance Companies, Capital Market Intermediaries like Brokerage Houses, Merchant Banks etc.; Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs).

The semi formal sector includes those institutions which are regulated otherwise but do not fall under the jurisdiction of Central Bank, Insurance Authority, Securities and Exchange Commission or any other enacted financial
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BB has 40 departments and 9 branch offices.
In Strategic Plan (2010-2014), the vision of BB has been stated as, “To develop continually as a forward looking central bank with competent and committed professionals of high ethical standards, conducting monetary management and financial sector supervision to maintain price stability and financial system robustness, supporting rapid broad based inclusive economic growth, employment generation and poverty eradication in Bangladesh”.
The main functions of BB are (Section 7A of BB Order, 1972) -
1. to formulate and implement monetary policy;
2. to formulate and implement intervention policies in the foreign exchange market;
3. to give advice to the Government on the interaction of monetary policy with fiscal and exchange rate policy, on the impact of various policy measures on the economy and to propose legislative measures it considers necessary or appropriate to attain its objectives and perform its functions;
4. to hold and manage the official foreign reserves of Bangladesh;
5. to promote, regulate and ensure a secure and efficient payment system, including the issue of bank notes;
6. to regulate and supervise banking companies and financial institutions.
Core Policies of Central Bank

Monetary policy
The main objectives of monetary policy of

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