The Films Change The Content And The Personalities Of The Characters Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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In addition, how does the scenes in the films change the content and the personalities of the characters in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? When I watched the movie of Frankenstein that published in 1931 and directed by James Whale, I recognized that there are differences between the novel and the film version. The first difference I noticed in Whale’s film is the names of the characters have been change and rearrange. For instance, the protagonist in the film is Henry Frankenstein instead of Victor Frankenstein. Henry Clerval, who is a friend of Victor Frankenstein in the novel has became Victor Moritz. One thing I found interesting is that the last name of Victor Moritz is same as the last name of Justine Moritz in the novel. Justine Moritz is a servant who works for Frankenstein family and I think it implies that Victor Moritz is a person who always listen and work for Frankenstein’s family. Whale’s rearrangement of the first and last name is refreshing audiences’ impression about the characters in the novel. More importantly, Whale is changing their characteristics by referring to the characters that Mary Shelley depicts in the novel. For instance, Henry Clerval is a significant person in Victor’s life because they have known each other since childhood. Mary Shelley used Clerval to contrast the emotions of the two characters to show Victor Frankenstein’s sadness and depression. According to Mariah Morton, “Clerval is almost the complete opposite of Victor and this is made…

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