The Film Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Good morning fellow aspiring directors, I’m here today from the Australian Film School and will be discussing the well known play Othello by Shakespeare, the play to this day is still very relevant, Shakespeare has done this by incorporating the themes jealousy, appearance and reality and racism which still occurs in our society today and can often appear in our day to day life.
By including these themes in the play it keeps the relationship with the now modern audience despite the original plays age. This is seen in Geoffrey Sax’s 2001 film Othello, where Geoffrey has appropriated the film following the original plot but has changed many aspects of Shakespeare’s Othello to suit todays audience, while keeping the themes showing the same universal perception during completely different time periods between both texts.

In Geoffrey Sax’’s adaptation of Othello, the film begins with a confronting scene showing police brutality and a riot in an area where Afro-Carribeans dominate the population.

Straight away the audience is greeted with the biased news reports seen in the film where African-Carribeans are shown to be very hostile and the neighbourhood proving to be dangerous which creates a racial barrier between the caucasian and Afro-Carribeans.
The theme of racism also appears throughout the original play by Shakespeare again starting the play on a racial note when Iago awakens Brabantio with the news of the marriage between Desdemona and Othello, and says “an old black…

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