The Film Let Him Have It Essay

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How is intellectual disability represented in Let Him Have It?

The 1991 film Let Him Have It was directed by Peter Medak, and is based on the life of a young disabled man named Derek Bentley. Derek’s disability is represented is an honest un-romanticised fashion. The film explores how it affects his life and his decision making, as well as how his disability impacts his relationships with others. Derek is easily influenced and unable to entirely comprehend the consequences of his actions, resulting in tragic altercations with the law. Let Him Have It accurately portrays life with disability and the realities of failing to be cohesive with a world built for those of able mind and body.

Derek’s family play a large role in caring for him despite the fact he is technically an adult himself. His parents are supportive and loving. They endeavour to make Derek’s life pleasant and happy through his assortment of pets and radios, while also attempting to steer him away from trouble. This can be seen as his father urges him to get a job and chastises him when Derek gives him a gift of stolen cigarettes. Irrespective of their son’s failings they offer him affection and advice just as Forrest Gump’s mother does in the film Forrest Gump.

Derek’s sister Iris is particularly involved in helping him function within his own life and wider society. This is evident as she coerces him into performing errands with her, such as shopping for groceries in town. Arnie and Gilbert of What’s…

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