Essay on The Fight For Gender Equality

1487 Words May 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Women’s rights have been something people have been fighting for since the 1800’s , this movement is now becoming the fight for gender equality. Society is starting to realize that we do not just need to fight for women’s rights, but for all genders to have equal opportunities. In this essay, I will explain what gender is, and why the fight for gender equality is so important. I will also explore where gender inequality came from. I will then explain why simply treating women the same as men will not achieve gender equality. Finally, I will use the example of parental leave to illustrate my points. Gender equality is an important idea, and something that everyone should want to achieve.
Gender and sex were for a long time considered ‘natural’ things that were decided when someone was born. Sex refers to the biology of someone, what reproductive organs they are born with . Gender is more of a social construct centred on femininity and masculinity . Historically, gender and sex were not things that could be changed, but with modern technology, and changes to what is acceptable within society, this is no longer the case. We are now able to physically change someone’s sex, according to what they would prefer. Society is also becoming more accepting of people not following gender norms. It is still however far more common to follow them. This brings us to the issue of gender equality. Gender equality is many people’s goal, where the way people act towards one another is…

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