Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gender Pay

Women have more rights now than they did in the late 1800s but they still don’t have nearly the same rights as men do. According to the white house website on issues, women on average make 78 cents for every dollar men make. During President Obama’s terms as president there has been a significant amount of progress to bridge the gender pay gap. He signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which enabled victims that have been discriminated of pay to seek compensation where previously they have not been able to. He also pledged to track down acts against equal pay laws, and in doing so established the National Equal Pay Task Force. In 2014, he also signed an Executive Order to prevent workplace discrimination. The gender pay gap has …show more content…
There have been example of gender inequality affecting men as well. Fathers are less likely to receive custody of their child, men are less credible than women when they have experienced sexual abuse, men do go through domestic violence even if it’s very unlikely. Men are also more likely to serve harsher sentences in prison than woman. There also exist many male disadvantages going back further in history. Men are pressured to join the military and fight in war exposing themselves to the deterioration of their bodies and mental health. Sexual assault on boys are less likely to be reported than those upon girls. It has been reported that mothers gain custody of their children in about ninety percent of cases. Though women do request custody and it has been show that they want it more than men. Evidence also has shown that women also tend to take care of their children than men. Homosexual men also endure more discrimination than homosexual women. Between 1997 and 1998 thirty-nine states criminalized of which “only male homosexuality was targeted in law or practice.”(Dan Smith, The State of the World Atlas (London: Penguin, 1999), pp.

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