The Fight For Disability Fights By Deborah Keller, Pocahontas, And The Extraordinary People

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Through out my life I watched different documents that showed people with disabilities accomplishing the impossible like Helen Keller, Pocahontas, and the extraordinary people. My mom felt that by watching these shows it would encourage me to keep learning and give me people that I can look up to. I found Lives Worth Living very interesting because it talked about a certain side of disability that I never understood. I don 't like politics but I found the fight for their rights very interesting. Many people label people with disabilities weak, unable, incompetent but when the fight for disability fights were occurring during 1973 and 1990 they separated themselves from their label and climbed those stairs. When that didn 't work they kept performing the impossible showing that they are strong, independent, and fellow citizens that deserve to have rights. I always felt that society had a great acceptance of those with disabilities but this showed me that there was some resistance and disrespect toward these peoples wishes. It made me realize how bias people were toward the idea of a perfect society because the movie showed it taking a long time for the American ' with Disabilities Act (ADA) to be passed. In some way it sounded as if they were trying to continue the horrible act of ignoring their needs and wishes as an individual or group and create their idea of the perfect society.

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