The Field Of Emergency Medicine Essay

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Tell us something you are passionate about and why. Do not exceed 1500 characters (about 250 words).

Luckily, my passion for emergency medicine is one of the primary reasons driving me to become a doctor. I apologize in advance for repeating information from my primary, however I wish to use this chance to further explain why I chose certain activities.

I first delved into the field of emergency medicine when I became an EMR at HVA. It was exhilarating to be treating patients in such a high-paced environment. Not only was the practice fast-paced, but it seemed that emergency medicine was being improved every day with new information about procedures and innovations in equipment. I remember my giddiness when I learned that an automated CPR machine existed, and it was then I realized just how much I wanted to improve the field myself.

In order to get the perspective of a doctor, I shadowed an Emergency Physician. It was fascinating to me the variety of conditions that one treats. I was also struck by just how necessary emergency medicine is for the community as it helps such a broad variety of people and illnesses. My ultimate goal is to travel to low-resource countries and provide this vital resource. I have already taken steps to achieve this by applying for a U.S. Army scholarship. There are too many unnecessary deaths without emergency medicine and I must help put a stop to it.

I continue to volunteer in the Emergency Department at UMHS. I currently have a midnight…

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