Essay about The Field Of Developmental Psychology

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In a world continuing roughly seven billion people, a few commonalities are shared between us all, such as the certainty of physical and psychological maturity. The world is peppered with both the young, who will welcome in the new, and the old, who hold the knowledge of the past in their memories. Some believe old age parallels stagnation and adolescence equals progress, in reality humans are in a constant state of evolution. Childhood is temporary, to be experienced for a window of time and then transitioned out of into adulthood. The field of developmental psychology studies the continual psychological development of humans through a life span which include infancy, adolescence and seniority. Furthermore, developmental psychology is also known as lifespan psychology or child psychology, resulting from its previous infuses on the development of infants and adolescence, excluding adulthood and old age. Child psychology began with a case study designed and conducted by Charles Darwin on one of his children. A man named Robert chambers published a book describing the law of developments as one of the two laws of existence, setting into motion the creation of developmental psychology. Lifespan psychology allows us to understand the complexities of cognition as it evolves in response to manipulation by external stimulus. Individuals employed in the field of developmental psychology have usually earned a master’s or a doctorate’s degree in psychology. However, those entering…

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