The Female Frontier : A Comparative View Of Women On The Prairie And The Plains

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The novel The Female Frontier: A Comparative View of Women on the Prairie and the Plains was written by Glenda Riley. Riley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1938 and gained her Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1968. After she received her Ph.D. she went on to acquire he first teaching position at Northern Iowa University, where she held this position for 21 years. She also founded the University of Northern Iowa’s Women’s Studies Program. This wide range of knowledge on this particular subject, should give the reader a sigh of relief that the author has the knowledge and academic background to write this book. She also wrote a number of books on the lives of women, these include: The Life and Legacy of Annie Oakley, Divorce, Confronting Race: Women and Indians on the Frontier and many more. This shows the reader that the Glenda Riley is more than qualified to write The Female Frontier. In the novel, Riley writes about that about the everyday life of the Frontier woman on the Plains and the Prairie. She wants the reader to finish the book knowing, who was the real backbone of the family that survived the Midwest. She shows this by writing real-life journal accounts from real women from the time period. In the first two chapters of the book Riley tries to prove the stereotypes are not even closely correct of what the real lives these women had. For example in chapter one Riley quotes Historian Emerson Hough who claims, “The chief figure of the American West…is not the…

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