The Federalists And The Anti Federalists Essay

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From 1787-1790 the American Constitution was debated by two opposing political philosophies named the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalist were in favor of the newly formed Constitution while the Anti-Federalists objected the new constitution believing that the central government seized too much power by creating a single national government forcing the first Congress to establish a bill of rights to ensure the liberties that the Antifederalists felt the Constitution violated. The most significant topic of the debate the participation of the people in voting for ratification of the constitution. Pauline Maier in her article Take This or Nothing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, illustrates reason the constitution was ratified insisted for being amended is because the hope of Antifederalist having something better as the Federalist insisted “take this or nothing”. She also states the goal of the antifederalist movement is to improve the Constitution. While, The People 's Triumph: The Federalist Majority in Pennsylvania, 1787-1788 by Owen S. Ireland, SUNY College, discusses about how the federalist took the majority votes in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island which result the Federalists to win and in addition, He argues the Antifederalists In Pennsylvania, claimed to speak for the majority of the people and persisted to insist that they, not the Federalists. According to Maier the “Antifederalists”,…

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