The Fear Of Black Males Essay

1312 Words Feb 10th, 2016 null Page
The fear of black males in white American and police culture has perpetuated the use of violence against young black males, as evidenced by social injustices in court cases, the workforce and individual tasks blacks encounter. Subsequently, my working claim is that the injustices blacks encounter are steered by the tandem of implicit bias and negligence, thus perpetuating the degradation of blacks so long as this remains unaddressed. Research regarding my topic is vast because the fact remains that racism is vibrant aspect of America that effects people of color, more specifically blacks. Various scholars such as Cornell West and Martin Luther King Jr deemed this culturally significant because the culture of America is construed in white privilege, police brutality and extreme prejudice against individuals of lower class or higher melanin. Thus in current times the response to the mistreatment of black males in America is “vindicated” because of the implicit biases and apathetic law enforcement as evidenced by the cases of Michael Brown, Rodney King and humorous media skits that play on the aforesaid. In the case of Rodney King the brutal approach of Altadena Police was excessive and inexcusable as evidenced by Koon v. United States which indicated the extensive injuries King suffered because of police brutality (1996). Throughout the case active viewers were challenged to rid themselves of the degrading veil of racism and focus on the matter at hand;…

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