The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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“That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”. Although these words are from the book Hazel Grace is obsessed with (almost like I am with this book)it is still pertinent. Those words slice through me like a knife and with those words I can use to not only explain The Fault in our Stars by John Green but also a lot of my experiences throughout the past four years of my life.
It may sound cliche as does most everything that I say, but I believe that without the feelings of pain, sadness and even anger we wouldn’t be able to feel things like happiness, love and excitement. Even if we didn’t have such negative emotions how would we know if we were truly feeling these positive emotions and happy moments without no bad experience to compare
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The main characters Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace take the readers on an emotional rollercoaster with both positive and negative happenings. Of course we couldn’t just be happy for the characters without knowing the pain that they have and are going through.
Hazel was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer when she was 13 and it had spread to her lungs, like she jokes about with Gus, out of all the things she can suck at she sucks at breathing. But, thanks to an experimental drug the growth of the cancer had been stopped. Although the cancer had stopped growing she still has to carry around an oxygen tank which makes her life a little more difficult than it already is. Gus was diagnosed with osteosarcoma which happened to have taken one of his legs, but he has been cancer free since
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I chose this book because I wear it on my wrist. My tattoo says “Pain demands to be felt” because I have never related to anything on that level. Hazel loses a few very important things in her life, not only the ideas of the amazing author or the ending of her favorite book but the love of her life. I can relate to loss, as I’m sure almost everyone can. I lost my father, my great-grandmother and many others in my family, yet I still continue. Why? Because I know that’s what you have to do. Once you understand that you can’t fight the pain in your heart, but rather accept it for what it is. As long as you know there is a rainbow at the end of every rain storm and a light at the end of every tunnel, that’s all that truly matters and like Hazel Grace I pick myself up and continue my life knowing that the next day has the potential to be the best day of my

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