The Fate Of The Country Essay

1096 Words Jun 17th, 2016 null Page
The Fate of the Country Politics is not a subject that always interests citizens, but when it is time to choose the next candidate to take the responsibility of the country; then everyone is aware of the actions and decisions that make history. Although many find Donald Trump frightening, he is giving hope to an adult public who seems to be completely fine with injustices occurring. Fortunately, realization is coming to those people who can make a change, although time is running out quickly. The fate of this diverse country is in the hands of the voters and they should vote for whom they prefer, but should think about the consequences a person like to Trump could bring. When considering all of the issues our country is facing, it is clear the American citizens should vote for Hillary Clinton. Discrimination in this country has existed around since the discovery of America. In particular , Trump has discriminated against women and has also disrespected them; however, his supporters think it is fine for him to say derogatory and insulting comments during political debates. On the contrary, Clint speaks of fairness for all, and, as a woman, she works to provide equality. She should get the presidential position because she tries to help those in need, in specific, the African Americans. She will help those in need no matter the ethnicity, religions, gender, and sexual orientation. She plans on making college affordable because “Nearly 50 percent of African-American…

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