Essay on The Fate Of Oedipus By William Shakespeare

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I. Before his birth, Oedipus was assigned to a miserable life, but his stubborn attempt to fix his destiny led to his life becoming all the worse; his exile was not destined by fate but was a product of his own actions.
A. The fact that Oedipus marries his mother and kills his father cannot be blamed on him because his fate was set before he was born.
1. Tiresias tells Oedipus that the prophecy made when he was born has come true and that he will “be detected in his very heart of home: his children’s father and their brother, son and husband to his mother, bed-rival to his father and assassin” (230).
2. It is impossible for them to have free will or responsibility for their actions because it is the fate that is written by the gods that dictates what an individual will do in their life.
B. Oedipus hears the prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother and he does not accept his eventual destiny.
1. Oedipus will do anything to change his predicted fate: He says that he would even “[measure] out the stars to put all heaven and the land of Corinth between such a damned destiny”(240)
2. Although a parson’s fate has already been set by the gods, Sophocles suggests that it is the choice of the individual to try to change it; Greek drama often started in the middle of a story with events of fate to have happened prior, and for free will choices of the main character to be made during the play.
C. Oedipus decides to reject his fate and must face punishment for his…

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