Essay The Fast Fashion Industry Promotes A Culture Of Obsolescence

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the fast fashion industry promotes a culture of obsolescence. Consumers are constantly purchasing and consequently disposing of unwanted textiles. Cline mentions that many “second-hand stores only have about three weeks to a month to sell most of their donated clothes” (Ethical Fashion pg 3). These stores are given too many donations that most of the time they aren’t able to sell the garments they receive. Imagine a neighborhood containing one hundred families. Suppose that each family had about sixty-eight garments per adult. That would be about 13600 garments in total. Since the fast fashion phenomenon promotes obsolescence then the families should donate at least half. Now let 's say fifty families out of one hundred donate to their local Goodwill. That Goodwill should expect about 68,000 garments coming from this very generous community over the year. Keep in mind that the fashion industry is always coming out with new trends and this attracts every consumer at some point per se. They now have three to four weeks to sell all their donations before they end up somewhere known as the landfill. Fast fashion is tightly attached to today’s society and culture. There is no possible way for a global phenomenon to be outright banned. However, consumers can approach an ethical way to live and purchase in a world dominated and manipulated by the fashion industry. There are many alternatives for consumers to have an ethical wardrobe. One option is the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend.…

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