Personal Narrative-Let's Get Our Wag On

Let’s Get Our WAG On

It was an overcast Saturday, May 31, 2014, a date I will never forget. Fear of the unknown, fear of inadequacy, fear of my abilities, fear of people I barely knew, and in the midst of my fear I realized time is up! I am at the base of Winding Stair Gap, a steep hike up a winding trail 6.2 miles up at an elevation of 1,500 ft. Fear is now in the middle of my throat. What have I done? I questioned myself mentally. Oh Lord Jesus, I cannot do this, what was I thinking, I prayed. The Fast
My story actually begins a couple of months prior to this date. I decided to go on a little field trip to Savannah one Friday afternoon. I wanted a new book to read. I decided to go to a Lifeway Christian bookstore. I did not know what kind of book I wanted, I just knew I was
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It is Friday, I am frantically packing. Hopefully, I remember everything; shoes, socks, hiking poles, bug spray, hat, extra clothes, and snacks. Fear is attacking me again, what to wear, do I have everything, will I fit in, and can I do this. I stop and just pray. The Lord immediately calmed me and my fear subsided. I load my vehicle and headed for the church. I felt like a small child leaving for church camp, so the adventure begins. Road trip! We all meet, load up, pray, and leave for Helen, GA. Cynthia (awesome driver), Teresa (fearless/crazy leader), Candi, Nancy, Brooke, Simone, Ms. Cheryll, Terri, and myself. Cat meets us there because she only lives about thirty minutes from where we are staying. Unaware God was working immediately, bonding us forever. We act like a bunch of schoolgirls, laughing, sharing, shopping, and eating the whole way up to the mountain house. Friday night we get in our pajama’s, sit around sharing our joys, burdens, and testimonies. Again the room was filled with laughter, but also tears. God once again is moving gently through the group, preparing

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