The Fall Of The Roman Republic Essay

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The fall of the Roman Republic nearly saw the destruction of Roman civilization. From the ashes of constant infighting between powerful generals and senators, Octavian—the adopted son of Julius Caesar—rose to unquestionable power. This marked the beginning of the Roman Empire. Octavian, given the title Augustus, was regarded as the example that each emperor would model his reign after. In order to stay in power, the emperors had to ensure political dominance and foster unity among the people. The emperors control of the Senate, military superiority, generosity, and domestication of the economy contributed to their popularity and success as rulers. Augustus took control and united the Roman Republic by defeating the last opposing power, Marc Antony. Augustus, “acting upon [his] own judgement and at [his] own expense, [he] raised an army by means of which [he] restored to liberty the Republic” (Western 247). Augustus eliminated all of his political and military enemies with his own army that was funded by his personal money. This established him as the premier power in Rome. Augustus’s military strength helped to ensure his political dominance by deterring anyone from rising up to challenge him. No one had the resources or the man power to match him. Each emperor following tried to replicate his policy of singular military power, but the closest example lies with Constantine. Constantine’s rise to power followed a similar path to that of Augustus. The destruction of Maxentius…

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