Essay on The Fall Of The Eastern Roman Empire

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The fall of the eastern Roman Empire gave rise to the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire was created in 330 CE. At one point the Empire covered most of Europe and northern Africa. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the only city that was left of the empire. Constantinople was a strong hold for Christianity in the Middle East and it was also the main trade out post connecting the Europe to India and China. In order to trade with Asia the Europeans had to travel through Constantinople. They had reasonable taxes and allowed the Europeans safe travels through their ports. Constantinople was located in modern day Istanbul. In order to protect the city there was a wall surrounding the city and withheld numerous attacks from the Ottomans. However, in 1453 under the rule of Mehmet II the Ottoman Empire was able to scale the walls and conquer Constantinople. The Ottoman Empire was an Islamic empire that controlled most of turkey by this point in 1453. After the fall of Constantinople, the Ottomans made the old town their capital. They raised taxes on the Europeans and made it difficult for the Europeans to trade with Asia. The Fall of Constantinople is significant to the history to come because it forced the Europeans to search for new ways to trade with India and China. Also, the fall of Constantinople gave rise to the Ottoman Empire that lasted for centuries. For centuries the Europeans sought trade with India and china for their…

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