The Fall Of Rome And The Punic War

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Rome expanded beyond Carthage territory grew due to the Punic wars. Rome gained dominance over the western Mediterranean Sea, and access into the Hellenistic kingdoms in the east. Romans believed that the utter destruction of Carthage would be the only thing to end the conflict for good because the Carthaginians could always build up an army and fight back like they did the first time. Also they wanted Carthage and everyone else to know they meant business and would destroy anyone that challenged them. They leveled, burned, and looted the city and tilled the ground with salt so Carthage would never be able to rise again. The Roman Empire crumbled after a nearly 500-year run as the world’s greatest superpower. Roman society can be credited …show more content…
The cheap labor put out the poor farmers and the price of land went up. With the number of slaves there was, the treatment of slaves declined. The poor treatment the slaves endured resulted in multiple slave wars causing more turmoil to the economy. The rise of Christianity also helped in the fall of Rome. As the faith spread loyalties to Rome thinned. The glory of the state started to fade and faithfulness went to a sole deity in the eyes of a Roman individual. Talented educated people went to work for the church instead of going into the military, government or administrative roles causing the government to decline as well. You need all the best individuals you can to work on staying afloat, not in the church praying. Over time, Church leaders became more influential and took away power from the emperor and his …show more content…
They built their legacy by bullying their way through outside enemy forces. The Punic wars put the Romans in their place on the top for many years and many forces brought them back down to the bottom. It was said that at one time, a Roman citizen could walk from end to end of the borders and not feel the least bit threatened because of the reputation they had built. At the first sign of weakness, the barbarians burst through the seems and took over. Rome was built in the best conditions and fell in the worst. The lack of leaders and power that those leaders had ultimately let the empire fall right under neither them. The fall of Rome snowballed from the weekened economy to the end of the

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