The Fairy Tales By Brothers Grimm Essay

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Who are Brothers Grimm? Brothers Grimm were two brothers who were known for writing fairy tales in Germany in the 1800’s. These brothers created long lasting fairy tales that are even told today in ways such as movie versions for kids as well as books. The Grimm brothers have written hundreds of fairy tales, which include two specific ones that will be discussed in this paper: Little Red Cap and Cinderella. Little Red Cap is a story of a little girl who has to deliver goods to her grandmother and meets a sly wolf. This wolf decides to eat her grandmother as well as Little Red Cap and does this by pretending to be the Grandmother when Little Red Cap arrives. A hunter that is nearby hears the wolf and rescues the Grandmother as well as Little Red Cap. The second story that is discussed is Cinderella. This story follows a girl with evil stepsisters and a mean step-mom. The only good that happens to Cinderella is the tree at her mother’s grave that has the bird that grants her wishes. These two fairy tales surround the image of women and will be the subject of this essay. In this paper, I will be comparing and contrasting the depiction of women between two texts by brothers Grimm; these stories are Little Red Cap and Cinderella.
Looking into Cinderella as well as Little Red Cap it is evident they both have a strong female roles. One particular aspect of these stories in regards to females are the fact that females are submissive while the men are dominant. In Cinderella, she…

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