Essay about The Factors That May Impact The Process Of Teaching Learning

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For any teacher to be successful in profession of teaching, one of the fundamental qualities has been the ability to understand the factors that may impact the process of teaching-learning. In this respect, the understanding of the contextual factors which may affect the learner’s ability to learn, is crucial. It is worthwhile to note that these contextual factors are never fixed and hence they keep on changing from class to class, therefore the teacher should have capability to analyze and understand the specific needs of a learner or a class.
Broadly, the contextual factors are viewed under two categories. The first category is the community, which refers to where the learner lives. It is important to note that, the environment in which the learner lives can have a great impact on learner’s performance in school and therefore, there is always a need for the teacher to analyze and understand the background of the learner. The second category is the school and classroom environment. This refers to the activities and everything that surrounds the learner in school. The teacher should be able to identify the specific needs of a learner based of the community and school factors, Tennessee Department of Education. (2013)..
Environmental contextual factors relating to community
The first environmental contextual factor which affects teaching and learning in my school is the geographical location. The school is located in a rural area where the some of the…

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