Essay on The Faces Of A Political Coin

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The Two Faces of a Political Coin
A society depends greatly on the person who is leading it. If a leader is just and morally sound, his/her society prospers and flourishes. However, if a leader is corrupt and abuses his/her power, the society inevitably falls into turmoil and disaster. Suzanne Collins represents this through Katniss Everdeen, as she demonstrates through Katniss’s inner thoughts why President Alma Coin is eliminated and not given the chance to become leader of Panem. In Mockingjay, Katniss decides to kill President Coin because of her distrust towards Coin, their differing values, and Coin’s similarity to President Snow.
To begin, Katniss decides to kill President Coin because she and Coin distrust each other. All through Katniss’s time spent in District Thirteen, Katniss finds herself constantly questioning Coin’s decisions and political opinions, and this leads Katniss to distrust Coin’s political integrity. After Peeta warns Katniss about being manipulated by Coin to help the rebels, Katniss says, “But the truth is, I don’t trust the rebels or Plutarch or Coin. I’m not confident they tell me the truth” (Collins 114). Thus, Katniss realizes that she does not trust Coin or her involvement in the war, and suspects that Coin may be using manipulation tactics in order to get Katniss to push her own political agenda. Due to this, Katniss starts to suspect for the first time that she may not be on exactly the same page as Coin, although they are both fighting…

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