The Eyes Of Bryan Spicer

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Simultaneously, while Richard’s life was well underway, across the country a new life was just beginning. Bryan Spicer arrived into a world where a major war had just ended. United States was currently enjoying economic prosperity yet racial issues were still prominent throughout the country. However, the condition of the country was reflected differently through the eyes of Bryan Spicer and the life he forged for himself. Despite the economic prosperity, Bryan and his family were poor for many years. Born in Minnesota, yet brought up in Washington State, Bryan enjoyed a humble childhood with the company of his seven siblings which meant there was never a dull day growing up. He was the eldest of eight children, and the “second boss” …show more content…
He truly thought it would be a good time overseas. However, nothing could have prepared Bryan for the difficulties he faced fighting in the war. His training was not too brutal; he spent four years of preparing there in Europe. Bryan was trained in communications. He spent his days in computer-filled rooms and learned how to communicate through the various machines. They also worked with a machine called a teletype which was also a popular machine in World War 2. Bryan’s time spent in the Army greatly molded and impacted him as a person. First of all, transitioning from his training in Europe to a country with no running water or bathrooms was a rude awakening. Europe was quite modern, and he was used to the luxuries offered by a highly developed place. Also, Bryan was exposed to a completely different culture in Vietnam. For example, the people there would eat different types of bugs and snakes. Bryan played an important role in the war. He was there as a Sergeant, the first level of command and had a number of people he controlled. He basically made sure everyone did their assigned jobs. The experience of serving in the war was unlike any other for Bryan. There was always some type of action occurring such as explosions, burning buildings, or sniper shootings. One specific, vivid memory Bryan has from his time served at war was when he got seriously wounded. He randomly woke up in the Philippians. “I could’ve been dead and would have never known it.” Bryan was out cold and spent three and a half months recovering in the hospital overseas. However, despite the violent and frightening experience, Bryan would never trade his experience; he was always on an adrenaline high, yet at the same time, he would never want to relive any of his time spent in Vietnam. After experiencing life changing events like Bryan did in

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