Essay on The Exposition Of Tomorrow And Tomorrow

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Plot is certainly the most imperative component of most literary works, especially short stories. With the help of an excellent plot, a phenomenal story is made. This was achieved with the short story, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”. Kurt Vonnegut mastered the elements of the prominent narrative arc. Vonnegut intrigues the audience with an exceptional exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. The exposition of a narrative is the introduction to the characters and the conflict at hand. This introduction is the foundation for the rest of the literary work. In the exposition of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow there is a specific description of the setting and the audience is introduced to two characters, Lou and Emerald Schwartz. “THE YEAR WAS 2158 A.D., and Lou and Emerald Schwartz were whispering on the balcony outside Lou 's family 's apartment on the seventy-sixth floor of Building 257 in Alden Village, a New York housing development that covered what had once been known as. Southern Connecticut.” (Page 1 Vonnegut). These two round characters are important to the story line, especially Lou, who will become increasingly involved in the rising action and climax. As previously stated, the exposition also shows the conflict of the story, and the Schwartz have quite a dilemma on their hands. In the early stages of the story, Lou and Em are discussing diluting Cramps’ Anti-aging medicine. Cramps appears to be the antagonist in the story due to…

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