The Exploitation Of Sex Trafficking Essay

1454 Words Oct 27th, 2016 6 Pages
The unjustified modern trade reflects the unethical state affairs that contribute to the illegal trafficking of individuals and turns it into a sexual commodity. Sex trafficking has become a billion dollar industry that grasps the financial, social, and political contribution of many wealthy and machiavellian investors. The social caste system that is implemented onto society distributes inequality amongst communities, which leaves in a great disadvantage those who are economically deficient. Poverty is the main culprit and the center of why sex trafficking is progressing at a rapid pace. Constant social oppression over the years has brought a sense of detachment,and has disintegrated the moral codes that have been implemented by traditional social and religious institutions. The economic globalization has brought a negative financial viewpoint regarding the abuse of the trading market. Instead illicit organizations are promoting the trade of human trafficking of women and young children. This creates a negative stance in the economy by taking advantage of shattered environment, that can no longer progress with the criminal acts committed. Sex trafficking has been converted into a global phenomenon that is being used to take advantage of those that are economically vulnerable, and lure victims with false pretenses in search of a better life. Over the years this issue has been dramatically increasing and affecting worldwide populations that have causes social hysteria amongst…

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