The Experiential System: The Skeletal System

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The skeletal system consists of two hundred and six bones, plus it is important because it protects our organs. It starts from your skull and it ends at your phalanges. It also helps to move around an support an individual. The skeletal system develops from having up to two hundred and seventy bones when an infant to having two hundred and six bones when an adult.(Zimmermann, 2015) Females and males tend to have different skeletal systems, since women give birth they need a flatter and larger pelvis so the baby has space to come out. Bones tend to die when outside of the body because they are not getting the nutrients they need. Teeth are also a part of the skeletal system but they are not considered bones. The axial skeleton consists of eighty bones, which is forty percent of all bones. These bones are located in the vertebral column, the rib cage, and in the skull. It provides the framework of our skeleton. It protects the brain, spinal cords, and the internal organs in an individual's body. The axial skeleton is in the center which provides attachments for the rest of the bones in our body. …show more content…
These bones are located in the pectoral girdles, upper extremity, pelvic girdle, and in the lower extremity. It also includes the outer limbs and the bones that connect the limbs to the axial skeleton part. Without both the axial and the appendicular skeleton, our bodies would not be able to move. A disease that affects the skeletal system is Leukemia, even though it goes through the white blood cells first, it still goes through bone marrow and does

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