The Experience Of Fellow Students Essay

732 Words Nov 21st, 2016 3 Pages
What is fellow? That was the first question I had in my freshman seminar. Although there wasn’t any fellow in my class, I still went to my instructor and friends to fulfill my curiosity. The answers ranged from a teaching assistance to a student who just wanted to be part of the class and yet they were only a piece of the answer. I didn’t know the real explanation till the day I applied to the fellow program. The word “fellow” actually means a lot to me today. It is not only one of the reasons people recognize me on campus, but also something I am very proud of. The role of fellow helped me learn lots of useful skill as well as shape the roads of my future journey. While the spring 275 class taught me the resources to be a better peer mentor, the fall 276 section helped us apply all these skills into real circumstances. The first and foremost lesson I learned as a fellow is the importance of diversity. Every individual will have his or her own perspectives, but as a leader, we should always embrace the differences. People grew up in variety of cultures and backgrounds; it will be hard for a group with no diversity, because there will always be similar solution and no approach from individual experience or background. As the peer mentor of the class, I see how each student expresses differently and the reasons why he or she takes that approach. By doing that, I can understand myself as well as the world around me better. After the few weeks of my own college life, I saw…

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