The Expansion Of Westward Expansion Essay

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As we have previously seen how racial, class, and gender inequality impacted the development of the North American colonies and the early United States it also impacted the expansion as well. Westward expansion began 1783 and by about 1853 the United States almost tripled in size. The western part of the country in the early 1800’s wasn’t well populated at the time. Expansion took place in the east and moved westward. Therefore, we have the start to westward expansion. Westward expansion help shape the development of the United States bought Indian removal, the Mexican American war, and slavery.
Indian removal helped shape the development of the United States by developing its stance of foreign-policy and expanding slavery into the west which allowed for more agriculture opportunity. “Thomas Jefferson, said in 1791 that where Indians lived within state boundaries that should not be interfered with in that government should remove white settlers who tried to encroach on them.” But the whites didn’t stop hey continued to move westward. “By the time Jefferson become President, in 1800, there were 70,000 white settlers west of the mountains.” The more the whites moved westward the more that they began to out number the Indians. Jefferson believed that if they were not able to remove the Indians that they would not be able to advance in the agriculture area because of not having enough space due to the Indians being on the land. Jefferson thought the Indians should…

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