Essay about The Expansion Of The West

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In the early stages of America’s expansion a few major factors motivated the expansion towards the west. America is a new country at this time, and is dealing with its new power and responsibility. People in America at the time looked towards the future wealth they could obtain by expanding west. With the new unknown land to the west, the American people needed motivation to expand westward. The politics that motivated westward expansion revolved around the indigenous people on the land, a big ideology which spurred westward expansion was Manifest Destiny, and the economic factor for this expansion was slavery and its role in the industrialization of America. These factors can be connected to the rapid rate of westward expansion the United States undertook in less than a century. People in politics during the time of westward expansion had different ideas of how to deal with the Native Americans already on the land. Andrew Jackson was president at the time and he wanted to forcibly remove indians from the land. He started the trend of forcibly removing the Native Americans from the land by signing and enforcing the Indian Removal Act, which forced thousands of Indians off their land, often with violent conflicts. A notable event of the Indian Removal Act, is called the Trail of Tears where thousands of Cherokee Indians were forcibly removed from their land and forced to walk to their new designated land, present-day Oklahoma. The process of forcibly removing Indians from…

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