Essay on The Expansion Of The United States

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In the nineteenth-century the expansion of the United States was revolutionized. The desire for land would soar with the invention of the cotton gin and the idea of the Manifest Destiny. The topic of territorial expansion and the effects it would have on the nation as a whole was a heated political topic. Not only would it internally divide the nation but the desire would also spark a war with Mexico and a treaty with the British. During the 1800s, key legislation was made resulting in or from the expansion of the United States. This includes the Louisiana Purchase, the Missouri Compromise, the Indian Removal Act, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. However, this was not the first time in the history the United States had expanded leading to political controversy and war. When the British colonies wanted to expanded to the Ohio River Valley in the 1750’s it sparked a war with the French known as the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years’ War). The United States would continue to expand westward much like the British colonies were able to do after the French and Indian War. Although the nineteenth-century and expansion of the United States was a highly controversial time period, the influence of the political legislation created including, the Missouri Compromise, the Treaty of 1818, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would impact the future of the United States drastically. Opponents of territorial…

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