The Expansion Of Instant Feed And Knowing Essay

1812 Words Jun 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Over the past years, the media has grown immensely. From the time of the framers, one had to receive news via newspapers and locally. What once was one mean of obtaining information has come to a great expansion. Nowadays what one sees is through the television, cell phones, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and largely through social media and the internet. These means of the media are no longer locally but globally. The expansion of instant feed and knowing not only what surrounds us but what goes beyond us. As a result, the news one gets is directly influenced by it being corporately owned. The Framers past concern was that there would be too much-centralized power in one area which would threaten democracy. Generally speaking, the role of the press is to practice democracy. However, since the media is corporately owned by 6 corporations; Garrett, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Disney, CBS, and NewsCorp, it is more of the media looking out for themselves than for the people. Citizens ability to be able to make informed decisions is crucial for a free and functioning democracy, but this too becomes threatened with too much concentration of power and very few media corporations reaching out to the people and then follows the risk of reduced diversity on issues and perspectives. Ownership can also affect what is and what is not covered. Besides corporately owned media being a threat to democracy, ownership can also lead to cycling back of information between different…

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