The Execution / Evaluation Action Cycle Essay examples

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For this assignment, I would use the Execution/Evaluation Action Cycle (EEAC) as my choice of framework. According to Donald Norman’s theory, there are four basic parts of this framework (Goals, Execution, World, and Evaluation), and these actions are also divided into seven stages. Establishing the goal, forming the goal, specifying the action sequence, and executing the action sequence are all part of the execution stage. On the evaluation stage, perceiving the world state, interpreting the perception, and evaluating the interpretation, closes the cycle. According to Norman, a person needs to know what he or she wants it, what is the goal behind the idea, then the next step, is to take action in the world, followed by executing the action and evaluating the result, the goal (Norman, 1998). A good example of this can be shown by Richard Griffiths on his Lecture Notes presented, that a goal can be making a nice meal, for instance, then Chicken Parma as forming the intention, select frozen or fresh chicken as an action sequence, open the sauce as the executing an action, taste, smell the meal as perceiving, and last, evaluate the meal and see if it met the requirement (Griffiths, n.d).

Part 2: Device Assessment: The device I chose is the cell phone. A cell phone comes in many flavors nowadays, people have a few choices such as Apple (iPhone), Android (Samsung, Google, Blackberries), and Windows (Microsoft Lumia) for example and a few others. Cell phones are widely used…

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